Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Our Backyard View at Sunset
Well, maybe not so much.

Actually, it's good.

Our circumstances haven't really changed, except for moving to Winter Haven on what turned out to be  a misrepresentation of actual facts. (So only one of us is getting a paycheck.)

What hasn't changed is we continue to live by faith and prayer. We pretty much HAVE to live by faith and prayer.

It seems to be working so far.

Roy and I are happy in our relationship. Probably more than ever.

I have a job and work with a great group of people who really care for each other.

We still have our fur baby, Boots, our incredibly spoiled fourteen year old cat.

AND, I celebrated 10 years of sobriety in April.

So have our circumstances changed?

Really, not so much, except for income and location.

But, I'm learning to trust God more and more, and to be content and even joyful in the midst of our circumstances.

Not easy, but sure beats the alternative!