Thursday, April 19, 2007

Never Say Never

Well, it looks like I will be going to treatment (something I said I'd never do), but I'm actually kind of pumped about it. The place where R wanted me to go seemed to me not to be the best fit, so I started talking to some of my girls at the meetings I've been attending, and got some really positive feedback about one place in particular. They seem to be very proactive in addressing women's issues and how they impact and are impacted by alcohol addiction (such as menopause and depression), and this is something I've been very concerned about for a good while (actually, it was the original premise for this blog). They seem to be very holistic, too, addressing the spiritual side quite thoroughly.

I filled out and submitted a preliminary information form online yesterday, and today, talked to someone who took my intake information. The financial person is supposed to call me to let me know where things stand. I know our insurance sucks and won't cover much, but I have investments that can be liquidated to pay the balance, and since it's my life that's at stake, it seems to be the thing to do. So, I'll probably be going either next week or the week after for 28 days of residential treatment.

I've gotten a new sponsor, and I've started doing the 90 in 90 again. Somehow, my new sponsor was not aware until today that I was considering treatment (I've talked to so many people about it that I thought for sure I'd discussed it with her, but I guess I hadn't), so I don't know how that will affect the whole 90 in 90 thing, but we seem to be really connecting, which is different from my relationship with my first sponsor. We talked for about an hour on the phone this morning, and she's given me a first step assignment that seems actually doable and helpful, rather than just overwhelming busy work.

I may be getting a part time design job, too. I'm meeting with a woman from one of my women's meetings tomorrow to discuss it. It would only be a few hours a week, but it would be steady. I told her about the treatment issue, and she says it's no problem for me to start once I get back.

I am really seeing God at work in the ways that things have started coming together. I had to put forth a little effort (calling my friend to ask her about the treatment center I was interested in, asking someone to be my new sponsor, letting it be known that I'm looking for work, etc.), but once I did, things have just started clicking.

Things do seem to be looking up, but, boy, is it a long way to the top from here!


Trudging said...

It sounds like God is working in my life.

GOOOOOD ol Rockytop... rockytop tennesseeeeee! said...

Wow! Good for you! Sounds like you are doing what it takes, ya know? It is also very cool that you have the opportunity to go to rehab. It should give you a great foundation for your sobriety!

Take care!


Judith said...

Rehab was a terrific experience for me. I absorbed as much information as I could while there and began to learn how to take care of myself. I hope you find your time the be a similar opportunity to be taken advantage of and begin your journey.

Best wishes!

Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you. At first I thought it's a long way to the top but after taking the first step, as you say, it just started clicking.

Happy weekend to you, DG.

Anonymous said...

Dang GIRL you have so much courage. This is HUGE. You are putting your life first by taking this step.

In 2005 when it was suggested to me to go to a home I thught that was the CRAZIEST thing I ever heard. I had so much to do, to live up to. It did not matter cuz I was a drunk and needed to do anything to get this.

Sometimes I consider going back to a recovery home. It is safe there, a place to grow up.

Scary as all this may be to you it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. The money to pay for this, it will all work out. Your LIFE is priceless, and you must do this in order to live free from this Dz.

Keep us updated. You have amazing stength, and don't you ever 4get that!

Mary Christine said...

I am so glad you posted. God Bless You.

dAAve said...

This is good news. I'm sure you can gain some extremely valuable information and experience form this.
Good on ya and have a great weekend.

Grace said...

Good for you DG, it sounds like you will get a lot out of that. The job sounds like it will be a good distraction too.

Scott W said...

I heard over and over that we must place our sobriety first. After I was able to do that all the rest fell into place. Good luck on your journey and let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Sotpping by to send you some recovery love.

Recovery Road London said...

Good luck with the rhab thing. If you truly want recovery...then by any means necessary!

I'm rooting for you!


Pammie said...

just sending a hug your way!