Saturday, August 11, 2018

Annoying Car Horn Alarms: A Gratitude List

  1. I am, first of all, grateful to the person who FINALLY turned off that annoying car alarm horn and that it has only gone off twice in two minutes. So far.
  2. I am grateful our lease on the house here in Winter Haven runs out at the end of next month and we HAVE to complete our move by then.
  3. I am grateful for not having a drink for 11+years.
  4. I am grateful for the fact that at least ONE of my wreaths has sold.
  5. I am grateful for social media, which seems to be my primary (read: ONLY) way of connecting with people these days.
  6. I am grateful that Roy seems resigned to our owning five cats, since not one of the kittens has been adopted yet and they're getting gangly and lanky instead of cute. (And Bitsy may be pregnant again.)
  7. I am grateful for losing weight the past few months, which I attribute mainly to not eating dinner at 10 PM during the week when Roy is away.
  8. I am grateful for the coming opportunity to get our lives back to some sense of normalcy.
  9. I am grateful for the opportunity to discover I need the structure of an actual job that I go to, in order to feel something like purpose in and enthusiasm for life.
  10. I am grateful that I am so full of BS that I can make a 10 point gratitude list when I am feeling anything but grateful.
Sorry. I know this is a bummer post, but I'm in kind of a bummer place, and thought a gratitude list might help.

It did not.

Well, maybe a little bit. I can now see how pathetically self-absorbed I am, and work on getting myself out of this dismal funk! Time to get out of my own head and just do SOMETHING!

And for that minor revelation, I truly am grateful.


Dave said...

Work with others maybe what needs to happen, thanks for the gratitude list, it helped me
Hoping and praying for you Pam

Pam Jarnagin said...

Thanks, Dave! You're a sweetie! You are so right. Best way to get out of my head is to help someone else. Thanks for that timely and much needed reminder! ❤️